Innovative Beauty Education

Michael Napolitano is an American hair designer from New York City.

He has been a professional hair stylist for 27 years, and wants stylists and cosmetology students to have the same access to the mentored education and support that Michael had during this training.

During my career in hair styling industry, I have found a lack of consistent vocabulary, and close to no universal visual language.

We want to change all of that.

This is where MAHD Studio comes in.

Establishing a Visual Language

MAHD Studio is a cost effective educational tool for beauty schools, salons, and stylists. The teaching methodology in the MAHD Studio app rebuffs the traditional, imprecise language of haircutting in favor of the precise language of shapes and angles.

The MAHD Studio Platform

Bridging the Gap

The MAHD Studio platform bridges the gap between traditional education and the ability to build a profitable business in the beauty industry.

The MAHD Studio series is a revolutionary platform which features industry-leading curriculum and modern learning aides.

Creating a Visual Language

Unlike the traditional dry textbooks used in cosmetology school, the MAHD Studio interactive book employs advanced animation, interactive games, and learning quizzes to best meet the educational needs of young creative minds.

We break haircuts down to their basic shapes—cubes, spheres, prisms—and show the student how using geometry allows them to build any haircut on any head from the ground up.

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