About Michael Napolitano

MAHD Studio – Hairstyling education, redefined.

Michael Napolitano is an American hair designer from New York City.

Michael attended college for marketing/advertising, then decided cosmetology school was a better choice. After Cosmetology school Michael entered an advanced haircutting academy in New York City, Jingles International.

There he stood out among his classmates by winning the eye of his Art Director in 1994. Michael grew up in NYC, and he remains committed to working with innovative and cutting edge hair trends from around the world.

MAHD Studio – Hairstyling education, redefined.

Within 3 years Michael was teaching classes around the globe and started a network of salons in the greater New York area. He is now the creative force behind MAhD Studio in Santa Monica, California. Michael still maintains a bi-coastal clientele.


Michael has had the opportunity to work on numerous feature films, photo shoots, charity and promotional events within the fashion industry.

He has attracted a celebrity clientele including: Tommy Lee, Dan Turgerman, Mili Avital, Steve Buscemi, Samuel Jackson, Carol Kane</strong>, Spike Lee</strong>, Mimi Rogers</strong>, and Christian Slater to name a few.

You can always spot the truly successful stylists...
they're the ones who like to see other stylists succeed.
– Kevin Givens